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  • Where to find your number one metal powder supplier?

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  • MHC Industrial CO, LTD. is a very high-tech company with the passion for research and production of a wide variety of high purity metal powder options. We take quality very seriously, so we want to make sure all of our products are up to the standards you??ve come to expect of us. Our business is based out of Xiamen City in the Fujian Province, taking up 20,000 square meters of land. We??ve been your number one metal powder supplier since 2006, so we??ve got quite a bit of experience under our belt. This allows us to give you such high quality metal powder with wonderful customer service as well.

    We specialize in producing TiN Powder, Tin Powder, Aluminum Powder, Copper Powder (FCu), Brass Powder (FCuZn), Bronze Powder (FCu633), Silver Powder, Nickel Powder, and many other types of high purity metal powder! Chances are, if you need a type of metal powder, you can find it on our website! Our powders have a 99% to 99.999% purity degree, and have a medium diameter D50 within 0.-45 micron. We make sure all of the technical specifications have gotten to international level.

    Our powders have many different uses. Some of the most common uses are in hard alloys, diamonds, catalysts, electronic materials like contacts, high-energy battery materials, and can be used with other elements to make metallurgy alloys. Some of the other applications for our metal powders are:

    ??         Thermal Surfacing. They can be used to coat a metal object??s surface, giving it a very high resistance to wearing down or corroding. They are well suited for flame spraying, power welding, HVOF, PTA, and laser cladding.

    ??         Paints and Architecture. Resins and paints can be combined with metal powder before painting an object to give the object the appearance of being metal. Whether this is used on sculptures of buildings, it??s up to you.

    ??         3D Printing. Metal powders can be used for 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.

    ??         Screen Printing and Printing. There??s a ton of things in this industry that metal powders can be used for such as dusting, screenprinting, printing inks, coating papers, and coating foil substrates.

    ??         Industrial. In the Industrial application, metal powders can be used for component manufacturing for cars, metal injection molding, diamond tools, toolmaking, metallic fillers, powder metallurgy, and surface coatings.

    MHC Industrial Co., LTD, is your go to metal powder supplier. We are very excited to hear from you. If you have any needs concerning metal powders, don??t hesitate to contact us! Check our website out now!
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