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  • MHC Industrial CO, LTD. is a metal powder supplier provide powderized metals such as copper, aluminum, tin, brass, bronze, silver, nickel etc. Metal powder is used to make parts, can be a combination of pre alloyed powder, or a variety of elemental particles. High purity metal powder can also be combined with other binders or lubricants depending on what the powder will be used for, and the process the powder will be used in.

    We send the high purity metal powder to part distributors who use different methods in order to produce high quality parts through different combinations of materials and lubricants. The powder is usually put into molds to create parts that are heated and bonded to increase the strength and density of the part. The most common ways to shape metal powder into parts is through mechanical pressing, isostatic pressing, and injection molding.

    Mechanical Pressing

    Mechanical pressing is one of the most common methods of creating parts with metal powder. Usually the parts that are created with this process are small to moderate in size, and can be simple or complex. Mechanically pressed metal powder will sometimes have pressed holes, can be in thin or thick shapes, and in some cases have one or more levels. In mechanical pressing the parts produced are usually in the hundreds to thousands. After the parts have been pressed they are put into a sintering furnace. The sintering furnace has a controlled atmosphere that is endothermic, exothermic, dissociated ammonia, hydrogen, vacuum, or inert gas. For the parts to come out correctly everything on the sintering furnace must be closely controlled.

    Injection Molding

    Injection molding includes mixing the metal powder with a thermoplastic binder and granulating it in order to produce a feedstock. Once the feedstock heated it is injected into a mold of the desired part and allowed to harden.

    Isostatic Pressing

    Isostatic pressing can either happen at cold or hot temperatures. Cold isostatic pressing allows both complex and simple internal shapes. It provides a more even consistency and density than other methods. Hydraulic pressure is generated by pumps which accurately controls and presses water in all directions around the object.

    Metal power is created by physical or mechanical methods; the physical methods are atomization from high pressure of water or inert gas. The mechanical methods may include hammering, milling, grinding or attrition mills. The benefit of using metal powder is that the parts produced from using powder metallurgy have design flexibility, parts can be made to net or near net shape, the porosity can be controlled, as well as the density.

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