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  • Simply analyzing the feature of metallurgy forming

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  • Powder metallurgy means the technological process of creating metal material, compound material and all kinds of products by two steps. The first step is obtaining the metal powder or use metal powder (or the mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as raw material, and second step is forming and sintering them.

    Powder metallurgy can obtain special materials that are not easy obtain from common smelting method, at the same time it can create all kinds of precise mechanical parts. The features of powder metallurgy forming are not only material-saving but also labor-saving.

    The forming of powder metallurgy involves powder??s physical property, such as the particles shape, particle granularity,particle distribution and surface area. Spherical, granular, flake and needle shape and so on are common. While each powder particle??s linear dimension is its granularity. According to the particle granularity, powder can be divided into several classes. Each class??s powder was classified according to its quality, quantity order volume percentage. The powder?? total surface area means its specific surface area. When the powder was compressed into certain shape, then remained this shape in the subsequent processing and obtained higher compact strength under certain pressure, which suggest that the forming of powder metallurgy is better.

    Powder metallurgy forming??s features are more than that. The powder??s flow-ability use spherical or near spherical particle and wider granularity distribution,which can improve its mobility.

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